Hotel Floriel
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Common areas

The common areas are bright and comfortable. You will feel comfortable relaxing or working in them. Free coffee, tea, and flavoured water are available for our guests in the hotel kitchen.


The magnificent Athena, goddess of craftsmen and wisdom, welcomes our guests as they enter our warm lobby. This is also where they will find the keys to their room.


Our open-plan kitchen is accessible to hotel guests for morning coffee or tea and occasional wine and canapés samplings.


Bright during the day, the space becomes at night, sumptuously illuminated by our unique chandelier's twinkling brass leaf lights. The room is designed as a harmonious haven with a mix of modern and vintage furniture, refined patterns, and textures, all inked in a palette inspired by the surrounding landscape during the fall season.

Bar and meeting space

This room is the perfect gathering place; our guests will experience the magic of each season in an elegant setting overlooking our terrace. They will be able to gather to share stories, drink wines selected by our sommelier and craft cocktails in a warm and friendly setting.


Our private terrace in the heart of the village, surrounded by a garden and the old stone walls of the church, is ideal for an aperitif before dinner or the morning coffee ritual.

Other views of the common spaces